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Android Developer Mindvalley马来西亚吉隆坡安卓工程师


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Mindvalley is a global brand and company that invests in, creates and builds businesses that align with its goal to push humanity forward. Mindvalley grew from its roots as a digital publishing company, to build a series of successful businesses in a wide variety of sectors ranging from mobile apps, marketing, technology, personal growth and entrepreneurship, to health and wellness. It’s been a fun, crazy ride so far.
Across our companies, we employ over 200 employees from over 40 nationalities, working in our award-winning space, Mindvalley HQ. We’re global, and we sure love diversity. If you join us, we will sponsor your visa/work permit.
We stand for ideas, companies, and products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier lives. From creating and investing in startups and education models that inspire and foster progress and innovation, to creating work cultures that cultivate creativity and freedom—we are ambitiously, ridiculously, and irreverently determined to unleash the full potential of humanity and move the planet forward.

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  • 年满18



Placein Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

visa sponsorship提供签证支持

Mindvalley will arrange the immigration paperwork required for the winning candidate and cover the associated costs.

Job Description

At Mindvalley we want to develop an ecosystem of apps to dominate the personal growth market. We develop modules and libraries, which are shared by multiple apps.
Being one of our talented developers, you'll have an opportunity to learn and grow, and be a key part of creating our products. Check out the Play Store for our latest releases.
You are pixel-perfect, knowing that a pixel to the right is not merely a pixel to the right. You understand that an organized code with the well-applied design patterns will make a difference. You are fascinated with technology and eager to learn everything you can, applying the coolest and most amazing techniques there are. You add a "magic touch" that will dazzle your users.
You'll be responsible for building exciting applications and implementing flows and mock-ups provided by the UX and design teams. Apart from having the ability to write performant and clean code with great attention to detail, you also contribute with solutions and suggestions for improvement as you work closely with product development and marketing teams.
Being one of our talented developers, you'll have an opportunity to learn and grow, and be a key part of creating our products.
Tech at Mindvalley
Due to the unique environment that Mindvalley has in terms of having its own ecosystem of applications that support the business, working with us in a technical role is a great challenge.
We generally look for attitude over aptitude when it comes to technical skills, a history of proven execution and excellent root cause analysis problem solving skills are things that we value highly.
We predominantly build apps with an nginx, Unicorn, Ruby, Redis and PostgreSQL architecture on Linode so experience with any of these will be valuable to us.
The technical ecosystem is both interesting and broad covering systems that deal with:
Payment processing (both check-out and back-end) 
Media streaming (live and repeated) 
Serving websites to large audiences (high concurrency) 
In-house customer service tools 
Financial reporting 
Shipping and logistics 
E-mail handling (sign-ups, cohort analysis etc) 
Authentication, identification and user data collection/analysis 
In-house Textile-based CMS for large number of sites 
Any technical role will provide a good mix of development work, systems thinking, problem solving, business analysis with a large dose of teamwork.
Engineering Culture
We run functional teams based on the SCRUM methodology and are a fairly Agile environment, with 2 week sprints and teams with a minimum of 2 developers (preferably 3) plus a platform owner. Sprints cannot be interrupted and work is planned out well in advance to keep stress down to a minimum.
We have a focus on scalability, stability and code quality and we use tools such as Circle-CI and Code Climate to help with that.
Other stuff we do/you will encounter:
Line by line code reviews for every pull request on Github, this maintains code quality and keeps everyone in the loop and learning. 
At least 2 people working together on every project (collaborating not pairing) 
Full test coverage for everything important 
Constant learning (we have learning days, an unlimited book budget, conference/training budget, etc.)


  • We’re looking for an awesome Android developer who can create and design fabulous native Android Apps. In addition to having excellent technical skills, you have a keen interest in the latest technologies and have a feel for user experience. You are more than just a developer, you are someone who understands that a great app must do great things, yet be simple and intuitive. 

  • Nice-to-haves

  • Experience with Firebase.

  • Ideally you are excited about Mindvalley’s mission. If you have a special interest in personal development, education, meditation, health & fitness or related topics tell us about it in your application!


  • You have experience with Java, Android framework and Gradle. Kotlin is strongly preferred.

  • In addition to having excellent technical skills, you have a keen interest in the latest technologies and have a feel for user experience.

  • You are a dedicated team player.

  • You have excellent communication skills.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Apply and let's discuss your salary and benefits.

  • Enjoy flexible working hours, which can fit into your life as you want them to.

  • We'll give you a Macbook or PC laptop, which you can take home and use on the weekends and after working hours.

  • Annual trip to paradise island, a team of 100+ folks from 32 countries, killer growth opportunities, flexitime and more!

  • We have our own 150-seater auditorium that hosts the best tech meetups in our city. Tons of growth and connection opps!

  • Work in an award winning office, with a team that's launching some of the most innovative and highest grossing apps on the iTunes store.



No  agency Fee 


All personal expenses




This position is an open one. Please contact the recruiter directly and sign a contract without charge.



All charges for clothing, transportation and training for any reason may be deception. Please know this in advance.